Council for Family Affairs
2021-09-14 by

The Authority of People with Disability, in cooperation with the Council for Family Affairs, organized the first Family First Empowerment Partners Forum, which aimed to provide a platform to listen to the views of families of persons with disabilities and identify the challenges they face and the experiences that contribute to enabling their children with disabilities along the various themes of the forum. The forum included four main themes (education, health, social empowerment, economic empowerment, and employment) and a discussion with specialists in the forum's themes. His excellency, the CEO of the Authority of People with Disability, Dr. Hisham Al-Haidary, stressed that the Authority aims to enhance services and establish arrangements that contribute to ensuring the integration of persons with disabilities in the labor market and society and enabling them to obtain their rights in education and health services. The family is a key partner in empowering their children with disabilities. He also praised the efforts of the Family Affairs Council to educate the community about family building and contribute to raising the social stability of the family. For her part, Dr. Hala Al-Tuwaijri, the Secretary-General of the Council for Family Affairs, stressed the need for such forums to know and communicate with the family, especially families of persons with disabilities, due to the great trust and mission they carry in empowering and contributing to the development of initiatives and programs to active integration and participation in society.

The Authority of People with Disability has held several forums and workshops in cooperation with stakeholders from all segments of society to raise awareness about the needs of persons with disabilities and enhance the services provided to them.

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