The main pillar of improving any work requires interaction between the concerned parties. From this point of view, the Authority of People with Disability encourages the participation of opinions and development proposals from the public as it realizes the importance of public participation in all activities and works on which it is based. The Authority provides the opportunity for all specialists, interested persons, persons with disabilities and all members of society, whether citizens, residents or visitors, to present their opinions and constructive ideas, to study and develop them into initiatives that are later transformed into successful projects that benefit and impact all members of society.

Participation is bound by the laws of the relevant country
The participation should be serious, objective, clear and concise
The post must be written in clear and simple language
Do not misuse the Authority's systems for electronic participation in a way that affects its performance, level of security, speed, or continuity
Refrain from writing any offensive phrases
Do not post personal data such as names, contact details or addresses
Do not send a post more than once