Cooperative Training


The Authority of People with Disability (APD) is committed to achieving the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 objectives. It endeavors to actively fulfill its role by engaging in social responsibility and providing opportunities for undergraduates to engage in field training within the APD's departments and divisions. This is intended to allow them to acquire practical experience, hone their skills, and expand their knowledge in government sectors related to their major of study. This will provide them with the qualifications necessary to register for a variety of employment opportunities.

The Objectives of Cooperative Training:

1. Providing learners with the opportunity to acquire market-relevant and major-aligned practical experiences and skills.
2. Training individuals to assume responsibility, meet deadlines, and adhere to the organization's regulations and requirements.
3. Permitting trainees to exercise certain job duties and become acquainted with instruments and tools related to their major.
4. Improving the trainees' communication and interpersonal skills in a professional work environment.
5. Developing the trainees' skills in a variety of areas related to their major, such as report writing and formulation, so that they are able to prepare various categories of reports.