The Authority of People with Disability and the Human Rights Authority
2021-06-18 by

The Authority of People with Disability and the Saudi Human Rights Commission signed a cooperation agreement today at the headquarters of the Human Rights Commission to promote trends that serve the interests of both parties and achieve their goals under the Kingdom's Vision 2030. The agreement was signed by the Authority of Persons with Disabilities CEO, his excellency, Dr. Hisham Al Haidary, and the President of Human Rights Commission, his excellency, Dr. Saleh bin Awwad Al-Awad. The agreement included areas of coordination and directions of common interest and all matters related to the functions and competencies of the two entities. The agreement also included studying and reviewing regulations and reports on the rights of persons with disabilities, contributing to awareness-raising and education programs, and sharing information, studies, and research in various areas of their rights. The Parties also agreed to cooperate in dealing with complaints related to persons with disabilities in terms of receiving and following up with specialized entities, in addition to contributing jointly to events related to the International Day of Disability (December 3), intending to raise awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities and international and regional conferences. It is worth mentioning that this and other agreements are part of the programs of the Authority of People with Disability and its tireless efforts to improve the services provided to persons with disabilities, raise awareness of their rights, enhance their empowerment, and overcome obstacles facing them, to improve their integration in the community towards a harmonious and comprehensive environment, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

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