Workshop on Adapting the Justice System for Persons with Disabilities
تلمس الاحتياج التشريعي والحقوقي لتكييف الإجراءات الجزائية للأشخاص ذوي الإعاقة
2023-04-10 by
Workshop on Adapting the Justice System for Persons with Disabilities
Talal Alanazi

The Authority of People with Disability (APD) organized a workshop entitled "Adapting the Justice System for Persons with Disabilities." The workshop aims to achieve the APD’s objectives of raising awareness of the rights of persons with disabilities, empowering them in society, and enhancing and integrating all services provided to them from various sectors. It addresses the legislative and legal needs to adapt penal procedures for people with disabilities and reach common solutions that are suitable for them. The workshop also aims to benefit from global experiences to achieve offender reform through the adoption of quality joint programs that guarantee their rights.
  The workshop discussed the methods of implementing penal procedures for people with disabilities by the relevant sectors in a manner commensurate with each disability type. During the workshop, the APD reviewed some disability-related studies and research and their role in enacting legislation and regulations related to people with disabilities. The APD also reviewed the psychological and social effects on persons with disabilities inside prisons and correctional facilities, as well as ways to make physical and non-physical environments accessible for persons with disabilities. The workshop attracted wide participation from representatives of the legislative and legal departments in the following entities: Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interior, Public Prosecution, Bureau of Experts, Family Affairs Council, General Directorate of Prisons, National Committee for the Care of Prisoners (Trahum), a number of specialists in the field of disability and law, as well as a number of lawyers. 
It is noteworthy that the Authority of People with Disability aims, through this workshop, to reach the desired economic and social impacts of adapting the legislative environment for persons with disabilities and ensuring that they obtain their rights without discrimination. This comes as an extension of Saudi Arabia’s interest in harmonizing and adapting services and programs for people with disabilities.

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