The Authority of People with Disability Holds a Workshop for Government Sectors on the Basics of Sign Language
2022-11-16 by

The Authority of People with Disability (APD) held a workshop for several government sectors entitled Basics of Communication in Sign Language, aiming to provide the fundamentals of communicating with people who have hearing disabilities (deafness) and educate government sector employees about how to communicate with the deaf community using sign language, such as learning how to sign days, months, cities, and other basic words. The National Events Center, the General Entertainment Authority, the National Center for Performance Measurement, the General Commission for Audiovisual Media, and other relevant entities attended the workshop, where everyone participated in using sign language to effectively communicate with people with hearing disabilities. This workshop also aims to raise awareness among government entities about the rights of people with disabilities in general and people with hearing disabilities in particular in order to create an inclusive society that achieves service sustainability.
It is worth noting that the Authority of People with Disability conducted many awareness workshops on how to interact with persons with disabilities to achieve an inclusive society that promotes inclusion and is compatible with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030.

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