The Authority of People with Disability Organizes a Workshop Entitled “From Compassion to Rights
2022-06-6 by

On Monday, June 6, 2022, the Authority of People with Disability organized a workshop entitled “From Compassion to Rights” with the participation of legal departments of more than fifteen (15) government entities as well as those interested in the rights of persons with disabilities. The workshop discussed a number of topics, including education, health, and work. It also discussed the rights of persons with disabilities within government entities in terms of the accessibility of spatial and electronic environments; discrimination against individuals with disabilities in the workplace; as well as entertainment facilities’ accessibility and inclusion. Furthermore, enabling persons with disabilities to participate in decision-making within all government entities and allowing them to benefit from all means and facilities. The APD aims, through this workshop, to list all the challenges faced by persons with disabilities, raise awareness of their rights in all legal departments, and raise the awareness of specialists in this field. It is noteworthy that the Authority of People with Disability works continuously with various government sectors in coordinating efforts, enhancing services, and building an integrated institutional ecosystem to ensure that people with disabilities obtain their rights.

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