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The Empowering People with Disability exhibition in the Labor Market (Tamkeen) was launched on Sunday and was organized by the Authority of People with Disability (APD). It aims to create an interactive exhibition that contributes to linking job recruits and people with disability by enabling organizations and individuals to raise the percentage of People with disability in the labor market.

More than 50 employers from various sectors and the non-profit sector are participating in the exhibition, which is being held at the Movenpick Hotel from 20-21/3/2022 in Riyadh, and the exhibition will provide more than 600 job opportunities for People with disability.

It should note that this exhibition aims to achieve the objectives of the Authority for the Care of People with Disabilities, which include ensuring that people with disabilities obtain their rights, enhancing the services provided to them, and empowering them in the labor market, society, and to achieve the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 in promoting the inclusion and empowerment of People with disabilities.

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