The Authority signs a cooperation agreement with the Education and Training Commission
2022-05-31 by
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The Authority for People with Disabilities signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Education and Training Evaluation Commission. The agreement aims to enhance training and professional services for people with disabilities and create accessible online platforms. It will also contribute to the development of human capabilities to include the empowerment of people with disabilities through research and studies related to disability. Furthermore, it will require the adoption of educational programs and assessment measures to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in academic programs for higher education and will measure the quality of public and private education.

The Authority has signed several memoranda of cooperation with educational and training bodies, including the Institute of Public Administration, Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, and Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman University. The aim is to empower people with disabilities in all educational and training programs and reach an inclusive and harmonious society.

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