Workshop: Air Transport Services for Persons with Disabilities
2021-08-24 by

The Authority of People with Disability, in partnership with the General Authority of Civil Aviation, organized a workshop on “Air Transport Services for People with Disabilities in Saudi Arabia” with the participation of representatives of local air transport companies, such as Saudi Arabian Airlines, Flynas, Flyadeal and the Saudi Ground Services Company. The workshop was attended by a number of persons with disabilities. The workshop aims to identify the most prominent challenges facing travelers with disabilities, which contributes to addressing the shortcomings in travel procedures for people with disabilities and improving their experience at all stages of the travel process. The workshop participants discussed several topics, including the results of a previously published questionnaire. The workshop included the participation of a group of people with disabilities to present the challenges they faced with air transport. The workshop also shed light on the stages of the traveler’s journey, which is divided into 3 main stages, including the stage before travel, which includes: planning and reservation, airport arrival and entry, check-in area, passport and visa procedures, security inspection area, and arrival at the departure gate. The stage during travel, including boarding, seat access, emergency instructions, in-flight updates, requesting assistance, and exiting the plane. The stage after travel, which includes airport arrival procedures, baggage claim, waiting at the airport, and exiting the airport. The workshop concluded with a number of recommendations aimed at facilitating and adapting procedures for people with disabilities for each stage of the travel process. The workshop is one of the programs and objectives of the Authority of People with Disability that aims to improve services provided to people with disabilities and promote their empowerment and inclusion in society, towards an inclusive and harmonious society.

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