About APD

A government body that aims to empower people with disabilities, ensure their access to their rights, enhance their role in society, and work to develop the services provided to them by entities.



الهدف الأول

To guarantee the rights of persons with disabilities

الهدف الثاني

Strengthening the services provided by entities to persons with disabilities, to help them obtain the necessary care and rehabilitation

الهدف الثالث

Empowering people with disabilities and making them active members of society

الهدف الرابع

Raising the level of prevention and taking the necessary measures to do so in coordination and cooperation with relevant authorities, and defining their roles with regard to caring for persons with disabilities


The number of people with disabilities and difficulties in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1.349.585 person out of the total population 32.175.224 People (General Population and Housing Census 2022).

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Source: Disability Report - Saudi Census 2022 (issued by the General Authority for Statistics)

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